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RDS-1500 PRO™

Price: No Longer Available. Upgraded to RDS-2500 PRO.


The RDS-1500 PRO is Detekt's third-generation rapid diagnostic system. The system is compatible with most rapid assays and provides accurate results in seconds. The system features an upgraded operating system (Windows CE), color touchscreen, removable SD storage card, non-volatile memory, faster processor, and is WiFi upgradeable. The unit is a rugged and reliable instrument for rapid analysis of both lateral flow and dry chemistry strips. It is IP67-compliant for protection from the elements.

Ideal for QC/QA of rapid test strips as well as customer use in the field. The RDS-1500™ PRO kit includes the handheld device, a USB sync cable, and user-friendly Detekt Data Management Software Suite for easy viewing, printing, archiving, and exporting of test results. Unit includes universal adapter to fit 4mm lateral flow test strips. 

-Capable of reading lateral flow test strips and dry chemistry strips
-Compatible with assays with multiple test and control lines
-Multiple assay analysis test routines to select from
-Easily programmable for up to 50 unique test types
-Automatic calibration upon startup
-Field portable with long litium-ion battery life
-Easy archive of test results and test image with Detekt Data Manager Software Suite
-Compatible with external printers

Additional custom adapters can be ordered to accommodate different size cartridge housings and assays. Technical support provided in addition to a one year warranty.