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RDS-2500™ Lateral Flow Reader System

Price: Call for Pricing
Manufacturer: Detekt
Detekt's RDS-2500 lateral flow reader system is our answer to our partners' most desired testing feature requests. The RDS-2500 reader is compatible with Detekt's suite of single or multi-strip cassettes and with customers' unique test strips or immunoassay cassettes or cartridges.

UNIVERSAL: The reader features a universal assay acceptance port for compatibility with a variety of lateral flow immunoassay types.

ERROR-FREE: A front-facing barcode scanner provides error-free data input.

MULTIPLEXING: The software accepts up to four control and four test lines on a single test strip, and can analyze multiple test strips simultaneously, enabling rapid testing with high throughput.

ACCCURATE: Sophisticated proprietary line centering algorithms accomodate slight changes in test strip signal position due to assay manufacturing, providing consistently accurate results.

EASE OF USE: Sensitive touchscreen with an intuitive user interface provides a smartphone-like feel for increased ease of use.

PORTABLE: Highly portable unit allows for data streaming wirelessly, providing a high degree of flexibility in use in the field.

UPDATABLE: Software updates available wirelessly or via microUSB for remote or on-the-go updates.

CUSTOMIZABLE: For volume orders, Detekt offers software and hardware branding and customization options. Additionally, housing colors, LED lights, and housing form factor can be customized for select projects.

Additional information is available upon request. Email for questions and orders.